Monday, February 8, 2010

$1 Tacos!

I just got in from a deliciously inexpensive dinner with friends. Socializing can get very tricky when you are on a tight budget. For example, my limit is $10/wk. That might seem crazy, but when you know where to find the deals around town it's easier than you think. For instance, my tab tonight was under $5 and my appetite is very satisfied. You don't have to settle for staying in, I promise!

My favorite Monday night tradition is the $1 taco deal at Little Mexico (at the intersection of Cary St and N Harvie St). The restaurant is a hot spot for VCU students and young professionals alike. You'll probably have to wait five to ten minutes for a table on taco night, but it's well worth it. Chips and salsa are free and the food gets served faster than you can say "more tacos"! You can get beef, chicken, bean or potato tacos and the Spanish rice is de-li-cious. Best of all, the restaurant has a clean and friendly atmosphere.

Okay. Time to slip into a wonderful taco-induced food coma...

Kristen Ziegler


evan said...

Also: $1.00 burgers @ Capitol Ale. Cheap if you can somehow refrain from the beer list.

Ed said...

You may also want to check out you can get some significant discounts to area restaurants (although you have to live with some restrictions). If you use that site, you will want to wait to see when their specials happen. It is fairly frequent their gift certificates are up to 80% off. I found this on

It was nice talking to you last night.