Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My MCM Obsession Continues

So I think I might have a mild hoarding issue...with Mid-Century furniture (especially chairs). Last year I helped a retired architect reach his goal of moving back home to Seattle. He had tried to move many times in the past, but his anxiety about paring down his Eames / Saarinen / MCM collection stopped him in his tracks every time. He literally had 15-20 Eames shell chairs strewn about in his attic (drool). Long story short, I helped him design a decision making process and he was finally able to move. But I can totally see myself with an attic full of Eames chairs 20 years from now. I just can't help it - the stuff is incredibly beautiful to me.

On that note, it's even more beautiful when it's cheap! I had a super lucky thrifting weekend. I found an authentic Eames DCM dining chair for $5 at Diversity Thrift - flawless condition. I am thinking with a price tag of $5, the manager had no idea what it was (the same chair sells for $250 on eBay). Also, I went to the Killer Junk yard sale on Saturday morning and picked up a super cool Mid-Century lounge chair for only $35. All it needed was a good scrub and it looks like new. For a grand total of $40 I have two new pieces I absolutely love! What makes me not a hoarder? I am selling my IKEA chairs that the new ones are replacing. In one, out one!

P.S. - I ran into John Cheski of Free Run Wine Merchants (previous post) at the Killer Junk yard sale. Richmond is a small world. Love it!

Kristen Ziegler


B-Man said...

You're hooked! Moo-hahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. You are MORE hooked!

cgooddesign said...

Super lucky weekend? or just being smart enough to know what you found? Nice find.

Anonymous said...

Probably a combo! Went to Diversity today and saw a couple neat wooden MCM chairs and a retro formica dining table, but nothing super special.