Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chop Suey Tuey

This past Friday, I helped one of my organizing clients go through her book collection. We sorted into three stacks:

1. Sell or donate
2. Keep
3. Unsure

Creating the "unsure" pile allowed the process to move fluidly, avoiding hang-ups on tough decisions (a little organizing trick called "shortcutting"). At the end of our sort, she had decided to sell/donate over half of her collection. As part of my service, I took the books over to Chop Suey in Carytown to see what we could sell. They bought about 3/4 of her collection for a grand total of $75! Definitely a nice chunk of change. The remainder of the books were donated to Diversity Thrift.

Chop Suey is a great place to buy or sell used books. The staff is super friendly and the multi-level store is merchandised in a very fun and colorful fashion. I spent about 20 minutes on Friday wandering the stacks and was amazed by the vast selection. Located in the heart of Carytown at 2913 W Cary St, Chop Suey should definitely be Richmond's first stop for book purchasing. I also love anything involving resale - much better for the environment to buy used instead of new!

Kristen Ziegler

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