Sunday, October 10, 2010

J.Crew Warehouse Sale on Broad St

This weekend I was thrilled to learn that there is currently a J.Crew regional warehouse sale happening in the T.J.Maxx shopping center on Broad St. After my girlfriends and I found out Friday night, we made plans to hit the sale early at 10 am sharp on Saturday morning. And man what a good decision that was! We ended up waiting in line for about 45 minutes to enter the sale, which worked out in our favor. While waiting in line, a very generous shopper who had already found what she came for gave each of us a 30% off coupon!

Once inside, we put on our game faces and started digging. Be warned, this shopping experience is not for the anxious, persnickety, or window shoppers! You will have to spend some time sorting through the disorganization. However, there truly is something for everyone there. We each left with 4+ items and the time spent looking was well worth it for the prices we paid!

I ended up finding a fabulous black knee length Thinsulate winter coat, a mint cashmere sweater, a super fun day-glo blouse, a fantastic pair of tall length denim slacks, a pair of patent leather pumps with wood heels (love!) and some very comfortable metallic silver flats. All in all with the 30% of coupon I paid $91.88 for everything! Even without the coupon the total was $125, which is still a radical deal.

So here's the scoop:

9125 W Broad St (next to T.J.Maxx)
October 8 to 17
10 am to 8 pm daily

Extra Tip: Wear a dress and take a friend! They don't provide any dressing rooms, and I only saw 3 mirrors in the entire place. The dress allows you to try on skirts/pants/jackets with ease (in public) and the friend will give you feedback on what looks good! And find one of those magical 30% off coupons! They re-stock the selection every day throughout the day so don't be afraid to go even at the end of the sale!

For a more detailed writeup (complete with price list!) , check out this post on Richmond Bargains.

Happy shopping!

Emily Jones


meghan said...

How does one find one of the 30% off coupons? Should I just ask around in the store? I have been trying to find one online, but I think they are hard to come by!

missemilyjones said...

I searched around online as well and can only gather that the coupons were sent to people via email. Your best bet would be to ask around in line or in the store! I was just fortunate enough to come across a woman handing out her remaining 11 or 12 coupons ( they come in sheets of many ) while we were waiting to enter. Good luck, hope you find one!

Anonymous said...

A kind gentleman came across the blog and forwarded me the coupon! I posted it to the site so anyone can print and redeem.