Saturday, October 16, 2010

Minimal Clutter. Maximal Life.

It's official! Minima LLC (aka Minima) is my new Professional Organizing business. I have gained a wealth of experience over the past two years contracting and training with some of the best organizers in town. Combined with 10+ years of space planning and design experience, I'm excited to bring a unique skill set to the organizing industry via Minima.

Why "Minima"? Lots of reasons! I consider myself a minimalist, but don't expect my clients to be. Minima is a softer, less threatening term than minimalist. No, I will not make you purge all of your cherished possessions! Minima is also a calculus term that references the smallest value on a function curve (P.S. - I LOVE calculus!). In organizing, I see minima as each client's desired point on the organization curve. It's a different place for everyone. Lastly, I enjoy the plurality of the word minima, also meaning "things that are minimal". Living simply isn't about one thing, such as your space. It's a holistic approach to life and I hope to spread my passion beyond a client's organized home or office.

I'll be taking new clients starting December 1, but feel free to get in touch before then. I am happy to give a free phone consultation. One of my specialities is resale. If you have a lot of stuff, I may be able to sell it for you to offset (or totally cover) the cost of organizing services. I'm happy to craft a service for just about any budget. An uncluttered life should be achievable by all!

Stay tuned for a website and official logo in the coming weeks. In the meantime, contact me at (804) 482-1554 or

Kristen Ziegler


missemilyjones said...

congrats! this is great news! love the names, and the reasons :]

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm very excited :).

Kevin said...

Kristen an interesting aspect of Minima is that there essential exists two kinds of Minima, a local minima (which is a low spot but not the lowest spot) and an absolute or global minima which is the lowest spot across all of the values.

This could be representative of short term and long term goals, where a short term goal would be to reduce some clutter and introduce some organization systems (local minima) and the longer term goal would be to optimize those systems (global minima).

Anonymous said...

Wow Kevin, love the analogy! That's an excellent point, because getting organized is definitely a long-term commitment with shorter term milestones. Thanks!