Monday, November 1, 2010

Courtyards of Blue Cotton and Red Felt

I was in a class last week when the discussion turned to music and architecture - if you could visualize music in physical form what would it look like? I started imagining walking along the Pump House trails on a hazy, summer evening and hearing Sufjan Stevens' latest Futile Devices track... going into Main Street Station and hearing the light-hearted, quick-paced parts of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue... and then today was flipping through the latest Vogue only to find a similar experience in viewing Carey Mulligan in the most amazing couture ranging from a 1947 Dior structured red Bar jacket to a Dior Haute Couture printed organza with tier after tier of gorgeous blue cotton ballooning around her legs.


Photo credit Vogue, October 2010

In sketching some news ideas for an upcoming assignment (design for an urban courtyard) I found myself imagining the music and fashion of my courtyard - what do I hear, what would my courtyard be as a dress, a jacket, a hat, a song?

Emily Smith

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missemilyjones said...

i love this post e.smith! such great photos. thanks for including them!