Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Price Dry Cleaning

When I was in Woodbridge visiting my parents awhile back, I noticed a shopping center that had a $1.99 Cleaner. I asked my parents about it and they confirmed what I thought - any item is only $1.99 to dry clean. A shirt and a coat are the same price. What an awesome concept!

I'd had enough with my local cleaner charging almost as much as I'd paid for certain pieces to have them cleaned (especially dresses and jackets). I did a little research and found a one price dry cleaner here in Richmond! Park Avenue Cleaners, located at 4336 S Laburnum Ave, charge just over $2 per garment. They also have fast, next day service. I live in the Fan and it was about a 10 minute drive up I-64 East. I waited until I had about five pieces to be cleaned and made the trip. It was well worth it! I probably saved between $30 and $50 - no joke. Give them a call for more information at (804) 226-1300.

This is a very democratic take on dry cleaning and I'm loving it. All fashion may not be created equally, but it's treated as such here. I'm sure their simple pricing scheme brings in so much business that they can afford to charge so little. Excellent strategy.

Kristen Ziegler


Kerensa said...

You're driving too far! $2.29 Cleaners is at 4916 W. Broad, right across from Willow Lawn. If you look in the trash mail coupon book REACH, delivered monthly by your postal carrier, there's a coupon for a sweeter deal: $1.75 each, 10 piece minimum. (Sometimes found in the blue enveloped Val-U Pak as well). Reminding me~ I have some jackets to pick up!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Kerensa!