Friday, November 5, 2010

Size Matters

Michael Pozner, head of retail development and legal counsel (leasing) for American Apparel, renovated his less than 500 SF Manhattan apartment in the mid-2000's with the help of Architect Darrick Borowski of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. Together, they created a playfully restrained and efficient live/work space. Make sure to check out the loft stairs that double as clothing drawers and the sliding desktops - oh, how I wish for both of those things in my little one bedroom Fan apartment! Click here to see it all.


Photos from Little Diggs blog

Note: Michael Pozner is also responsible for introducing us to "list art" which is how he describes his way of journaling through the silk screening of his daily lists onto canvas. I can't decide if this would give me a sense of accomplishment or failure, but regardless, I love the documentation of the everyday tasks that make up one's time spent awake.

Emily Smith

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