Sunday, February 13, 2011

Storefront for Community Design

Richmond's very own community design center will open its doors tomorrow - Monday, February 14! From their press release:

"The Storefront [for Community Design] will offer affordable design services to Richmond residents that will improve our neighborhoods and business districts. Everyone who owns property in Richmond, from 'Ms. Jones' to 'Developer Jones', will have something to gain from The Storefront's programs. ... Community design centers in cities like Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Norfolk provided the model for this new organization which will offer services like schematic drawings for home projects, conceptual planning for commercial areas, community park planning, neighborhood facilitation and assistance working with City of Richmond agencies. The Storefront for Community Design is the result of the collaborative efforts of a committed group of civic and non-profit leaders, architects, elected officials, neighborhood residents, academic partners and city staff who wanted to bring need-based assistance to Richmond neighborhoods and business corridors."

Please join The Storefront from 10 am to 2 pm on Monday, February 14 for the grand opening and ribbon cutting at 1001 N 25th St, in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond. Visit The Storefront's website for additional information.

Emily Jones


Scott said...

This is a positive development.

I am hoping that it can aspire to and surpass the Chicago Center for Neighborhood Technology.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely a step forward for RVA.