Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Have a New Look!

I've been working long hours over the past couple of weeks designing a website for Minima, my semi-new professional organizing biz. In true DIY frugalista fashion, I decided to self-teach HTML and CSS code (that's been interesting) and I'm quite pleased with the results thus far. In anticipation of the site's launch later this week, Minimalist got a makeover. Minima and Minimalist will function as sister sites - one being specific to my organizing business, the other being more general information about the world of simplicity and RVA. It's so refreshing to create something from nothing - I haven't felt this excited about a project since my architecture school thesis!

Watch for the launch - I'll be offering a special "new website" service discount if you're in need of some organizing help!

Kristen Ziegler

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Emily said...

Excited to see the results!