Monday, April 25, 2011

Events This Week

Richmond Restaurant Week is here again... I'm always torn about this one. Some years I feel like joining the crowds to bombard some of Richmond's great restaurants and other years... I don't. I always enjoy seeing the list though and am especially curious to try Amour Wine Bistro in Carytown!

Uke til ya Puke! takes place tonight at The Camel with an 8:30 pm start time and free to all. Tonight's UnOpen Mic requires each act to include a uke player - all acts are acoustic and all performers are local. Mark Slomski hosts this monthly event.

Spacebomb Records brings us some of their favorite tunes via the turntables at Balliceaux on Wednesday. 10 pm and free.

Good week for music - Sprout is hosting the The Diamond Center, Nick Coward & The Last Battle and Amanda Shires on Thursday. 10 pm and free to all.

TAD, The Art Department, is a "next generation model for art education" and they're serious. Centered around virtual classrooms and with a physical presence in Austin, Kansas City and Richmond, TAD brings classes, lectures and workshops to those of us interested in more self-directed educational experiences. Check out the Printmaking in Illustration Demo taking place next Saturday, April 30, between 1 and 5 pm. Inexpensive and taught by three outstanding local artists, it's sure to be good! Check it out.

Emily Smith


Sterling Hundley said...


Thanks for the mention of TAD in the post. We are serious and we are looking to build on our already established community base here. We look forward to talking about art, printmaking and everything in between this weekend!

Emily said...

We're looking forward to the workshop this weekend too!