Friday, April 22, 2011

Staying Sane April

Spring is here - finally! Hopefully the warmer weather and lovely colors outside are helping to melt away your everyday stresses. Read Minimalist insights below to see what our writers are doing to "stay sane" this month.

KZ - I often put pressure on myself to be "perfect", which is not only unreasonable, but literally unattainable. I've recently discovered that I can trick my brain out of these negative habits and thought patterns. If I'm feeling overwhelmed by a task because I want it done perfectly, I simply tell myself, "Just do 80% perfect now and you can get to 100% perfect later on." This little mental trick works every time! I'm able to check off my to do list with much less anxiety. And do I ever actually revisit the tasks to increase the level of perfection? Umm, no.

ES - With spring finally here I've definitely been walking and running outside more. This is nothing new but the funny thing is that lately I have the uncontrollable urge to lay down, outside in the grass, after my runs. Sometimes I keep my iPod going and other times I just like some quiet or city sounds. So, here are my top two favorite places to lay in the grass after a run. #1 - Reedy Creek after a Buttermilk run, next to the parking lot, you cross over the train tracks and there's a good field next to the river where the kayaks drop in. #2 - The fields next to the toll booth at the Nickel Bridge near the Pump House. Just don't lay near the top of a hill because sometimes mountain bikers fly over the tops.

EJ - My friends and family always ask me how I manage to tackle multiple creative projects on top of running day-to-day errands and working a full time job. The answer is so simple you're going to groan - I am a chronic list maker. I should also explain that in addition to perpetual multi-tasking, I also have the memory of a goldfish (this is no exaggeration). If there's more than one thing on my mind, I write it all down on anything I can get my hands on. For me, nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing one item off at a time and tracking the progress that's been made. It's a reminder that, even if it feels like you're aimlessly running circles and getting nothing done, you're really following through with your tasks. Fun tip - write down fun tasks, or silly things. Sometimes I'll write the obvious down, like "sleep eight hours" or "go to happy hour". It's good to remind yourself to have fun and rest a little.

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Anonymous said...

EJ - Another fun/silly list thing I do is to retroactively add things and then cross them off. Maybe I hadn't planned to vacuum or clean the bunny cage today, but I did. Adding it gives me a greater sense of accomplishment when I look at the list as a whole.