Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Too Organized?

Question of the week: is it possible to be too organized?

Coming from a Professional Organizer, one might think my answer would be something along the lines of, "No! Absolutely not! That's blasphemy!" It might surprise you that my answer is actually yes.

I think about organization a lot - it's what I do for a living. As much as I thrive off of the high that organizing gives me, I have to remind myself that being organized has no value in and of itself. Sometimes I get so obsessed with simplifying that I lose sight of the whole point. The purpose of being organized is to have a high quality of life with minimal stress. If an organizing method or tool is getting in the way of your goals rather than helping you achieve them, it's definitely not worth it. With all the fancy tech gadgets out there, there are more options for getting organized than ever. It's still perfectly acceptable to scribble notes on Post-Its if that's what works best for you. Whenever assessing the value of an organizing idea or tool, always remind yourself that organization is meant to enhance, not complicate, your way of life.

Kristen Ziegler

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