Monday, May 9, 2011

Gungho Guide

In lieu of our "Events This Week" post, I'd like to present to you Richmond's new Gungho Guide - "the definitive guide to where you should be." From their new site (which just launched on Friday):

" is a place to celebrate the best things we love about Richmond. We picked the top hundred or so places that we feel contribute to the pride of living in this city. We wanted to create a site that presents these unique experiences and JUST these experiences as places you absolutely SHOULD patronize."

You can find info on food, museums, galleries, entertainment, apparel, beauty, retail and of course, events! We love the idea of consolidating all of this information in a city guide that's easy (and fun!) to search through. And oh hey - Minimalist is a featured blog. Thanks GG! You can find their free pamphlet/map in participating locations around town.

Side note - Anne Marie told me that a random guy on the street asked her if she wrote for Minimalist and then gave us a big compliment. Thanks guy on street, we like you too!

Kristen Ziegler

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