Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RVA is for Bike Lovers

Image via Christ Cycles website

A little over a year ago when I was looking for a simple, light-weight, affordable bike to get around the city, I came across Ed Edge (pictured above) and Christ Cycles. Ed and his amazing team of bicycle building vegans created a completely custom bike for me for only $200. A year later, Ed and his team have expanded to offer even better custom bikes (higher quality parts, more light-weight, and more options) starting at $299. You get to choose the colors, gears, wheels, handle bars, the whole deal - and it's yours to ride in less than three weeks. You honestly cannot beat this deal anywhere else in Richmond. Christ Cycles also offers high quality bike parts for affordable prices under the company Cute Bikes.

The whole process is done online (check out the ORDER tab on their website), but if you have any questions, just shoot them an e-mail (shop@christcycles.com). They are very responsive and super helpful. Not to mention, if you purchase one of their custom bikes, you get FREE maintenance for LIFE. I just took my bike by there the other day and they replaced my pedals for free and in under 20 minutes. (Thanks guys!) Their shop is in the Museum District, on the corner of Franklin and Cleveland, but shoot them an e-mail if you plan to stop by. Since their business is mostly online, they rarely keep regular hours at the shop.

Ed Edge started Christ Cycles in 2008 as a non-profit with the selfless goal of offering quality bikes at cost (and sometimes even below cost) to anyone who needed one. Ed works as an EMT for at least 70 hours a week and puts almost 80% of his income into this incredible company. From their website, "Christ Cycles is a small not-for-profit company dedicated to blessing people with good bikes and good health. We want people to love their bike and use it more often. For this reason, we offer people the ability to customize their very own bike. Regular bike use will in turn, help people financially, improve their health, and is far better for the environment." Richmond Magazine also wrote a great article on Ed and Christ Cycles back in March.

Seriously think about checking out Christ Cycles if you're in need of a new ride. I promise you won't be disappointed. And if all of that still isn't enough, one more reason to meet the Christ Cycles crew is these two furry friends who hang out at the shop:

Wallee and Bubbles: customer service experts, images via Christ Cycles website

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A great article was posted on RVA News today about the future of Richmond Biking. Check it out!

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Oh, awesome! Was just discussing this with Nelly Kate today.

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That's an exciting piece CHT. I too had my reservations when I heard the city hired someone for this position. I like his stance, and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes happen. Its' about time.