Monday, September 26, 2011

Quickness RVA: Environmentally Friendly Delivery video interview with Quickness RVA

You can get some of the best food Richmond has to offer delivered to your door thanks to the bike-loving entrepreneurs over at Quickness RVA. A little over a year ago, Frank Bucalo started Quickness RVA to give great restaurants great delivery options. The Quickness team hand-picks the restaurants they deliver for based on quality of food and local ownership. They promise quick delivery with as little carbon footprint as possible - delivering your meal on their bicycles. In addition to providing those around town with fast, affordable delivery, the Quickness group hopes to promote cycling as a viable transportation option and bring Richmond closer to a bicycle-oriented city.

Currently, Quickness RVA delivers for Strange Matter, Fresca, Lamplighter, Str8 out of Philly, Alamo BBQ, Buff's Corner, Nate's Taco Truck, Thai Corner and Bellytimber Tavern. Delivery is usually free, but riders do rely on tips for income - so please be generous! The Quickness team will deliver to anywhere you like - including local parks - as long as the location is within the delivery zone for each restaurant.

Next time you don't have time to run and grab a meal, remember Quickness RVA! Check out their Facebook page here. Quickness RVA was also recently featured in Style Weekly magazine.

Christie Thompson

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