Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Gave Him a Toothache (VCU Dental)

Cher, "He said you gave him a toothache."
Tai, "How'd I do that?"
Cher, "It's an expression. It means he thought you were sweet."

Oh Cher, your witty words and quirky sense of style still feel relevant today. But anyways, back to toothaches... having one is far from funny, actually it's mostly a pain in the arse. Visiting the dentist and paying for your dental hygiene is even more of a pain. If you are like me, and nearly half of the country, you lack dental insurance and paying out of pocket for check-ups and filings is a serious issue. A couple months ago I had the grand idea to buy a Groupon for a dental check-up and my experiences were less than satisfying. I ended up paying extra fees at the actual visit and once I was given a price for filling a few cavities, I ran out of that office as fast as I could.

Flustered and quite furious, I called up a friend of mine who had just graduated from VCU's Dental School. I remembered something she mentioned about a clinic awhile back and asked her what my options were. Turns out, the dental school offers dental care through their student clinic to anyone who wants or needs dental care - and the best part - the prices are hundreds less than your average small practice. You will pay around $60 for an initial check-up, only $40 for complete x-rays, and about $50 per filing, should you need any. I was relieved to know I could take care of my teeth without taking out a credit card and genuinely happy with my overall experience at the clinic. You will save money, but alas, you probably won't save much time. Since the students need to have their work checked by faculty your visit will take anywhere from two to three hours. Although, if you have less filings than I did, it will probably be shorter. Either way, the money savings was absolutely worth my time. You can call them to set up an initial screening at (804) 828-9190.

So, in case you didn't know, or don't have dental insurance, be sure to check out the clinic at VCU next time you need your pearly whites cleaned - and spread the word! I was shocked by how many people aren't aware of the services available.

Christie Thompson

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about how I need to see the dentist today on my drive home from work. I'd heard of VCU's clinic but was skeptical. Seeing your positive review might be the nudge I needed to try it out. (P.S. - Love the "Clueless" reference).