Friday, October 28, 2011

A DIY Hollerween

It’s Halloween folks. You know what that means - ‘tis the season to get crafty. This week’s DIY project is Halloween-inspired, but awesome enough to wear year round.

While watching an episode of How To Make It In America the other week, I saw one of the characters wearing an amazing glitter skeleton shirt. I spied some DIY ability and got to work.

Head over to Gungho Guides for the entire how to on this skeleton shirt!

Christie Thompson


Anonymous said...

Shoot, that turned out so well!

Anonymous said...

Also, are these photos via the new iPhone?

Christie Hope said...

Nah, they're via Evan's fancy Canon. It's pretty hard to take a photo of yourself with a timer on a DSLR.. turned out pretty alright though! I wore the shirt to work today with a green and blue houndstooth skirt! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm really hoping the iPhone can take good photos so I can start posting more.