Monday, October 17, 2011

DIY Vol. II - Three Projects for Under $25

As the air gets cooler, there's nothing I crave more than to snuggle up in my apartment with a good beer and make stuff. This week I am going to show you three super simple and super cheap DIY projects that you could finish in less than a weekend.

1. Chalkboard Magnet for the Fridge
I know there's an app somewhere for writing the grocery list but I'd prefer to play with chalk while being productive. There is just something so nostalgic about writing on a chalkboard. To make your very own chalkboard magnet you will need a small piece of wood (or plastic), some chalkboard paint, magnet strips, and gorilla glue. I used one of the left over wood tops from my wine crate boxes for the chalkboard base. Make sure to sand the wood if you use an unfinished piece of wood so the chalk will erase more easily. Simply sand the wood (if necessary), paint with your chalkboard paint, and then glue the magnetic strips to the back of the board when the paint has dried. I tied a small string to a piece chalk and stapled that to the back of my board to keep the chalk handy. Stick to the fridge and start chalkin' it up! Total project cost: around $20 [Gorilla Glue - $5, chalkboard paint - $15, scrap piece of wood - free!].

Head over to Gungho Guides to read the entire post. Stay tuned twice a month for the rest of the DIY series!

Christie Thompson

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