Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pimento Cheese, Please!

Current Richmond resident, Nicole Lang, has combined two of my most favorite things in the entire world - pimento cheese and documentaries - to create one of the first ever movies to document the history and culture surrounding this Southern food tradition.

Pimento Cheese, Please! was born after Nicole discovered pimento cheese for the first time, about four years ago. Already having a fascination with the South (being born and raised in the North), she set out to uncover the mysteries, origins, and traditions surrounding this cheesy goodness. She funded her movie by receiving a grant and raising over $2,500 through Kickstarter.

Nicole finished the film in August and it was premiered in Oxford, Mississippi this past October. Richmond's first screening will be tomorrow night at the recently restored, historic Hippodrome Theatre. The movie will begin at 7:30 pm and is only $8 for a ticket. You can watch a teaser video for the movie here.

Craving some pimento cheese yet? Check out RVA Foodie's Guide to Pimento Cheese in Richmond to find the best spots to score some, or better yet, make your own!

You can learn more about the documentary on the Pimento Cheese, Please! Facebook page.

Christie Thompson

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