Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fibre Craft Handmade

Photo by Evan MacKenzie

For the past few weeks I have been hard at work putting together a brand new website for my handmade business, Fibre Craft. Fibre Craft is a line of handmade accessories for him and her inspired by and created from vintage and recycled materials. Currently in stock are clutch bags for her and neckties for him, all handmade in Richmond!

It is with quite a bit of pleasure and delight that I introduce you to FibreCraftHandmade.com.  A big, big thanks goes out to my web designer, Jason Smith, and my photographer, Evan MacKenzie. You can use the shipping code 'LOVELY' to get free shipping through Valentine's Day!

In true Minimalist spirit, I must share with you the platform my website was built on is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to create a small online web store. Big Cartel is a site similar to most portfolio websites, giving you a basic template or two for free and allowing you to upgrade the CSS manually if you know how. Unlike Etsy, they don't charge per purchase, but they have a small monthly fee (based on number of products) that includes hosting.  I highly recommend checking it out if you're looking to sell items online and want to break out of the Etsy world.

Hope you like the new site! Also, you can 'like' Fibre Craft on Facebook to get updates on new products and happenings.

Christie Thompson


Emily said...


Brava Christie!

Christie Hope said...

Thanks EM! You know you three ladies are some of my biggest inspiration in this city :)

missemilyjones said...

It looks superb! I'm so thrilled to see the new site up. You're on a roll!

Kristen said...