Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Your Daily Greens: Fresca on Addison

One of my favorite things about living in Richmond is the multitude of rich and diverse options of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. You can barely throw a rock and not hit a vegetarian these days and it's nice to see so many chefs accommodating this lifestyle with some flare. As a vegetarian myself, Fresca on Addison has become one of my go-to restaurants lately.

Yep, those are homemade vegan cupcakes on the right side of the counter..

From their homemade pitas to their downright delectable kale salad and scrumptious illy coffee, it's hard not to fall in love - vegetarian or not. Their pitas and pizzas are made to order - even the dessert pizza, which I've heard amazing things about. They also offer a small assortment of grocery goods including beer, wine, pastas, and kombucha.  If you haven't yet, make a plan to spend your next lunch break sitting on their umbrella shaded porch sipping an illy latte and feeding your body some serious goodness.

I've yet to leave Fresca without feeling completely energized by the incredible freshness and nutrients their meals have to offer. As their tagline states, they want you to eat better, dammit!, and I think they're doing a great job at it. 

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Christie Thompson

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