Monday, March 5, 2012

Good Ideas for Cities: Richmond

The collaborative organization GOOD recently announced they will be visiting our great city to help brainstorm ideas to take Richmond to the next level. During a one day event in April, three creative teams will be organized to tackle a real challenge issued by a local urban leader. Each team will work together and with their local leader to create a potential solution which will be presented by the teams in front of a live audience to encourage and engage in discussion. After the event, all ideas will also be showcased on

Where do you come in? Well, you can apply to be a part of one of these awesome creative problem-solving teams tasked with a challenge facing Richmond! Deadlines for applications are this Monday, March 12. Teams and event details will be announced at @IdeasforCities on March 13. The main event will be held on April 24 at a location to be announced and is being hosted by the i.e.* Initiative of the Greater Richmond Chamber and Capital Region Collaborative.

This is an incredible opportunity for the city of Richmond and for us as citizens to get involved. I'll definitely be applying and hope you will be too!

Christie Thompson


Kristen said...

Woah, awesome! Thank you for sharing.

Christie Hope said...

Of course! I was really excited when I saw this and couldn't believe there wasn't more advertisement or hype over it yet.