Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend of Greenery

This past Saturday I ventured over to Richmond's appropriately named Great Big Greenhouse (referred to as GBG forward). I had been looking for an affordable place to buy indoor plants aside from the usual Lowes/Home Depot/IKEA option. What a great find! Located at the intersection of Huguenot and Robious Rd, it literally is the greatest, biggest retail greenhouse I've ever seen in person.

The whole trip lifted my spirits. It was a gorgeous sunny day driving down Huguenot, windows down, listening to an old Bon Iver album. I spent hours and hours agonizing (in a good way) over which houseplants to purchase. The place was immense! The prices really weren't much higher than Lowes/Home Depot/IKEA, but the quality and selection was much much better.

I wasn't aware of this, but according to a sign in the greenhouse:

"For our environmentally concerned customers... Offset your carbon footprint with carbon-dioxide absorbing succulents and orchids. While most plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day while photosynthesizing, succulents absorb CO2 even at night."

I already loved succulents (and orchids) and now I have even more reason to! I'd probably have to get a farm full to really make a substantial environmental impact, but every small effort adds up. Kind of like my philosophy for saving money!

After much deliberation, my damage was only $15 for a Desert Rose plant and $20 for a Ficus Weeping Fig. I almost bought a $50 bonsai for my dining table (those things are pricey!) but decided on the Desert Rose instead. GBG also had a cool selection of home furnishings!

One other note - GBG has an entire outdoor area devoted to outdoor plants. I have a fire escape for a porch and no garden, so I skipped over that section this time.

Kristen Ziegler


B-Man said...

Fun place, eh? We love it! Great post!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The GBGH has just been sold to a large chain and will no longer be independent, but will hopefully remain open after the deal.

Anonymous said...

I did hear about that when I went back the other weekend. They said they wouldn't be getting any new merchandise until July after the switch.