Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Staying Sane June

Each month, Minimalist writers share our thoughts on "staying sane".

Kristen's back porch nap zone

KZ - In many summers past, I've chosen productivity over enjoying the awesome weather. In reality, the to do list will never end, so I've decided to take summer back this year and relax as much as business will allow. I've been hitting Texas Beach about once a week and enjoying late night events with friends. It helps that I love my job, but I've also been drinking a Carnation Breakfast Essentials drink every morning that I have to work. Even if I was out until 2 am the night before, the drink wakes me right up and I'm on my game.

ES - I've been struggling to come up with my "Staying Sane" post this month but finally realized that what has kept me sane this month are a few good friends. I've had a month with a lot of highs but a few significant lows and on a couple of occasions called up said friends and just, basically, said I needed help. I hate asking for help but those few friends were totally the right people at the right time to distract, help and comfort me till I got through the slump. Cheers to them, they know who they are.

EJ - When I think back to the happenings of the last month, the last word that comes to mind is "sane". Between the awesome Richmond events and festivals, weekends full of traveling and visitors, recharged side projects, seemingly endless birthday celebrations for all my Gemini friends, and a rigorous training schedule, I'm not even entirely sure where the last month went. Much like Emily Smith, I too was struggling with what to write for "Staying Sane" this month- until my family came to visit last weekend. It's very rare for my mom, dad, brother and myself to find ourselves in the same room, and even more rare for us to have the time to really catch up and enjoy ourselves. Having them all here with me was therapeutic and grounding, which was absolutely the perfect ending to a chaotic, but stellar month. Thank you, family, for keeping me sane.

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