Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weekend Update

Hey kids, I haven't wanted a weekend this badly in a long time! I know some of you have had your Independence Day plans set in concrete for months but for those of you non-planners out there, here are a few ideas.

Kate's flyer

Tomorrow, Friday, is Freedom First Friday and Steady Sounds is hosting The First Daze of Summer: Photography by Kate Jennings. Miss Jennings and Cameron Lewis photographed the latest Need Supply Co. summer lookbook and this is, I believe, her first solo photography show. Stop by anytime after 6 pm tomorrow, July 1!

Also tomorrow evening is the Gallery5 live music benefit extravaganza, Under The Covers, where four bands will pay tribute to Weezer, Zeppelin, The Pretenders and BAD ASS power pop. The $5 cover benefits Gallery5 and WRIR, our awesome local, independent, radio station. Captain Slappy's hot dogs, as well as a cash bar, are available.

After you get your photography and cover band fix, Strange Matter hosts Creepoid, The Nervous Ticks, Nothing and Sports Bar. Not too far away, The Camel has NoBS! Brass. Two very different shows that are going to be equally satisfying - pick your poison wisely! Both shows cost $7 and start around 10 pm.

If you need a break from the holiday heat this weekend, consider taking in a movie at the Westhampton Theater. Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris and Terrence Malick's Tree of Life are both showing through the weekend - both films look fantastic!

The Black Sheep, at 901 W Marshall St, just announced its summer menu. Just don't go for Saturday brunch because I don't want to have to wait for a table.

Saturday evening Balliceaux brings you Graybeard's Afro-Pop Dance Explosion! Dance to amazing Caribbean, Latin and African music for free while sipping a Culprit that, while definitely not free, is sure to get you in the mood. Could be the mood that gets you into trouble, but that's alright.

And of course, there will be fireworks. What would this weekend be without them? Just a regular weekend unless you live in Montana where apparently fireworks happen every weekend. has a great listing of fireworks displays, parades and other holiday festivities - be safe and be fun!

Emily Smith


missemilyjones said...

Great writeup, ES! I just wanted to make a quick note regarding Tree of Life... We saw it last Saturday, and while it is unlike any other film I've seen in my life, it far exceeded any notions I had going into the theater. I intentionally kept myself from watching any trailers or reading any reviews when it went to limited release, as I heard it was chalking up some mixed feedback.

I would encourage anyone looking to see this film to clear your mind of any preconcieved expectations of modern day cinema before entering the theater; and caution you to forgo expecting entertainment, plot twists, and driving suspense. The cinematography is stunning; the characters contemplative, quiet, and deep; the plot sparse and far grander in scale than any of us could ever imagine. I wrote up a spoiler-free reflection on the film here if you or anyone else cares to read it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks EJ! Your description makes me want to go see it.