Sunday, July 31, 2011

TRS Mixtape 11

Okay okay. So I've been writing A LOT about RVA indie music lately. I suppose the blog often reflects my current activities and pursuits. There is just so much musical talent in our city right now it blows my mind sometimes. More over - most of the shows are free, so it won't cost you more than your bar tab to attend. I always encourage a friendly donation though - musicians have to eat, too!

If you don't hear about shows from us, you can always check out The Richmond Scene website. They just released the TRS Mixtape 11, featuring the work of some of RVA's favorite local musicians over the past year. Have a listen - if you like what you hear, attend a show. I'm really not sure what my experience in Richmond would be like without some of these people and their awesome skills.

Kristen Ziegler

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