Sunday, September 4, 2011

Goodbye Sprout

I can hardly believe it, but local restaurant/bar/venue Sprout is closing their doors forever after tonight. Come give them a proper send off tonight! Starting at 5 pm and running until all hours of the morning, a free BYOB indie rock party will take place on Sprout's intimate stage for one last time. 21+ only kids. RSVP on Facebook here. You know where I'll be tonight! Hope to see you all there.

Photo from the show, posted on September 6. Credit PJ Sykes.

Kristen Ziegler


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful evening filled with friends, sounds and love. Sprout, you are already missed!

Anonymous said...

Also, check out this great RVA News article by PJ Sykes with audio and more photos from the night.

Christie Hope said...

So, I've been thinking about this and the amount of articles I've seen pop up about Sprout and how disappointed people are with their closing, and it leads me wonder, what exactly caused them to close their doors? Was it just a general lack of business? And if so, where were all these Sprout lovers before and why weren't they spending more money at the restaurant? I guess I'm just a little confused about the whole situation that caused them to close. Anyone have any insight??