Friday, September 2, 2011

Matt Brotka & Salvation Tattoo

Artist profile of Matt Brotka, tatoo artist at Salvation Tattoo

You can't live in Richmond and not have a constant nagging desire to get more tattoos. We are the third most tattooed city in the country, and I'm honestly pretty proud. With such a high demand for ink in this city, it's no surprise that choosing the right artist and shop for your next permanent piece can be pretty overwhelming. There are literally dozens of incredibly talented tattoo artists in the city, but I wanted to share my experience with a particularly awesome guy and shop.

I spent a fair amount of time researching different artists in the area and when I came across Matt Brotka's work, I stopped looking and picked up the phone. I came in for a consultation appointment and went over my ideas and left him with some artwork. The consultation requires a $50 deposit that will go towards the total price of your tattoo. It also guarantees that Matt, or the other artists, will get compensated for their design time, in case you choose not to get the tattoo. Matt was incredibly kind and listened carefully to my ideas and concerns. He was understanding and patient when I changed my mind about a few things last minute and I ended up with an amazingly detailed graphic line drawing of an owl. His precision and professionalism was amazing. I am beyond happy with the final product and would recommend Matt and the Salvation Tattoo shop without hesitation.

Still high from the pain and excitement

If you are thinking about your next (or first) tattoo, make sure to check out Matt's website and Salvation's portfolio as well. There are many other talented artists that also work out of the shop. Thanks again Matt!

Christie Thompson

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