Friday, August 26, 2011

Broad Street Series V1 | Nick's International Food Market

On the corner of Monroe Street and West Broad lives one of the best sandwich shops in the city. A small and modest produce market and deli, Nick's International Food Market has been a staple of Broad Street for decades. I stop by Nick's at least a few times a month for their incredible tuna sandwich on toasted wheat bread. You will be greeted by the smiling and always witty Tony (pictured above), who will take your order at the back counter. Tony is the kind of guy who will remember your name and order after a few weeks of stopping by. Grab a drink and some chips and peruse the incredible assortment of spices and international ingredients while you wait.

Ingredients galore!

The original Nick arrived in the US in 1951 and his store is now run by his sons, Manuel and Phillip. Nick's market is the kind of place that reminds you why it's important to know your neighbors and greet strangers on the sidewalk. Not to mention, the food is great and the service is warm. I'm a big fan of the tuna sammich but I've also heard awesome things about the Greek salad with anchovies (just try it!). Lastly, if you're on a budget, a sandwich typically will only run you about $5.

Stop by Nick's and support one of the last few surviving businesses that are holding down Broad Street!

Christie Thompson


missemilyjones said...

yeah, nicks! my favorite sandwich in richmond! great post!

Wayne Silencieux said...

Def. the best sub place in Richmond and not to forget there Chicken Noodle Soup is Great for a Hangover...

paul h said...

Nice work!

Tim Vidra said...

I have supporting Nick's for many years! A wonderfully run business with an amazing deli and a place where I get all of my olive oil!


Christie Hope said...

Thanks everyone. We are happy to support Nick's and spread the word!

By the way Tim, I love you and your fiance's blog 17 Apart! :)